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Law Offices of R. Ross Jacinto

The path to a divorce can be a long, complicated, and very emotionally draining process. At the Law Offices of R. Ross Jacinto, we provide expert assistance on all matters of family law.

R. Ross Jacinto, a Pasadena family law attorney, has been tirelessly helping individuals across Los Angeles County through the legal divorce process. Our law firm understands that each case is unique, and the feeling of powerlessness and emotional involvement can be difficult to bear. For this reason, each of our clients receives individual attention to help them manage this difficult time. Our clients are our top priority, and our team is always ready to provide assistance, no matter how complex the issue may be.

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Comprehensive Family Law Services Offered by Our Pasadena Law Firm


Filing for Divorce

Navigating the divorce process is best done with a knowledgeable lawyer. At the Law Offices of R. Ross Jacinto, we handle every aspect of filing for divorce, including handling all forms of legal documentation needed to obtain a final decree. Whether you have a contested or uncontested divorce, one of our lawyers develops a successful strategy based on your personal situation.


Child Support

The Law Offices of R. Ross Jacinto is here to help you determine child support during your divorce. We will advocate for your child’s best interests while considering your and your spouse’s financial status.


Spousal Support

Determining spousal assistance is often one of the most difficult aspects to address. Our attorneys consider the criteria for spousal support orders, including the length of the marriage, personal marital circumstances, each party’s financial situation, and more. We seek a fair agreement that allows you to work and recognize the sacrifices made during the marriage.


Child Custody and Visitation

Our team knows all the emotional and practical issues attached to custody. Your children are your top priority throughout the divorce process. Our legal team will help you protect their best interests regarding custody and visitation. We will create a legally binding agreement so that your children can be raised in a stable and supportive environment.

Why Choose Us for Divorce Legal Representation?

At the Law Offices of R. Ross Jacinto, choosing the right legal representation for your divorce means selecting a firm that understands the law and the details that impact your case. Here’s why we stand out as one of the top lawyers in  Pasadena and beyond:


Certified Expertise in Family Law

R. Ross Jacinto is not just any attorney; he is a certified family law specialist, recognized by his peers and the community for his expertise and dedication. With over 30 years of experience, Ross has consistently delivered favorable outcomes for his clients. His recognition is a testament to his deep understanding and expertise in family law, ensuring that every client receives the highest standard of legal representation.


Deep knowledge of California Divorce Laws

Our law firm is deeply rooted in Pasadena. This long-term local presence has given us a unique perspective on the legal landscape across Los Angeles County and a distinct advantage in handling your case.

We understand the local courts, the ins and outs of California family law, and the unique challenges and opportunities that come with it all. Our knowledge of the local family court system provides us with a decisive advantage.


Personalized Attention for Every Client

At the Law Offices of R. Ross Jacinto, we believe every client deserves personalized attention. You are not just another case file to us. We take the time to understand your needs and circumstances, ensuring that our legal strategies align perfectly with your goals. Our commitment to personalized service means we are always available and responsive, ready to answer your questions and keep you informed throughout the legal process.

Choose the Law Offices of R. Ross Jacinto for experienced, knowledgeable, and compassionate legal guidance in Pasadena. We’re dedicated to your success and well-being and ready to help you navigate your divorce confidently.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What should I expect during the divorce process?

While each case has its own set of circumstances, the process generally involves filing the petition, serving papers to the other party, responding, negotiating, and possible court appearances

How is child custody determined?

The law considers the child’s age, health, psychological well-being, relationship with parents and siblings, lifestyle and schedule of each parent, and each parent’s ability to care for the child. Our role is to advocate for the best resolution to help your child’s welfare and protect your relationship and parenting rights.

Can I handle my divorce without an attorney?

Divorce can be handled independently, but this might not work in some circumstances, such as contested divorces, high-asset cases, custody disputes, or multiple properties. A lawyer is necessary to make sure you don’t make costly mistakes.

How do you handle complex asset divisions?

California is a community property state. Our team has several years of experience handling contentious asset divisions in businesses, properties, retirement, and investments. We also work with a financial advisor to ensure no party is short-changed.

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