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Empowering Your Future

Expert Legal Guidance for Life's Important Agreements

At Law Offices of R.  Ross Jacinto, we know how important it is to protect your rights and secure your future for yourself and your loved ones. Our team of experienced family law experts can handle even the most complex legal family agreements.

We can help you with prenuptial agreements, legal guardianships, and conservatorships. Our priority is your rights and the well-being of your loved ones. You can trust the Law Offices of R. Ross Jacinto to handle your case with care and provide you with the best legal service possible.


Prenuptial Agreements

Plan a Future Together with Security and
Peace of M

No one wants to see a marriage fail. Unfortunately, many of them do come to an end, leaving behind a trail of emotional pain and practical complications that must be dealt with during divorce proceedings.

Before getting married, both partners need to make sure they are on the same page emotionally and financially. This means having open and honest conversations about money and feelings. Taking this step can help prevent future issues and ensure a stronger foundation for the relationship.

What is a Prenuptial Agreement?

A prenuptial agreement is a legal document between two individuals planning to marry, outlining asset distribution, debt responsibilities, and other financial matters in the event of a divorce.

Why Consider It?

  • Protect personal and business assets.

  • Define what's considered marital property.

  • Address potential spousal support.

  • Reduce conflicts in case of divorce.

Our Expertise

Our attorneys have a deep understanding of California's laws and can help you create an agreement that protects your interests. We offer personalized guidance and tailor an agreement that is specific to your needs.

Legal Guardianships


Guarding the Rights and Well-being of Loved Ones

Legal guardianships are arrangements where a court-appointed guardian makes important decisions for someone who cannot care for themselves.

When someone becomes a guardian, they are responsible for ensuring that the person they care for has everything they need. This includes making decisions about their education, healthcare, and money. It is important to talk to a legal guardianship attorney with experience in handling various guardianship cases.

Types of Guardianships


Adult Guardianship

For incapacitated seniors or adults with disabilities.


Elderly Guardianship

Specifically for seniors who can't make decisions due to age-related issues.



Guardianship when parents are unable to care for a child.


Estate Guardianship

Managing the assets of a minor or an incapacitated adult.

Legal Guardianship Made Simple

We know that the process of legal guardianship can be overwhelming. That's why our legal team is here to help you navigate it step by step.

Our top priority is to look after your loved ones and take care of all the necessary legal requirements to make the process as smooth as possible for you and your family.



Protecting Those Who Can't Protect Themselves

In situations where individuals cannot make decisions for themselves due to physical or mental challenges, conservatorships can be a lifesaver.

Types of Conservatorships


General Adult Conservatorships

For adults who cannot care for themselves or manage finances.


Elderly Conservatorship

Tailored for seniors who can't make decisions due to age-related issues.


Emergency Conservatorship

Immediate legal protection in cases of imminent harm to an individual's health, safety, or finances.


Financial Conservatorship

Designated to manage the financial affairs of someone unable to do so.


Legal Conservatorship

General type focusing on both personal care and financial matters.


Limited Conservatorship

Specifically for adults with developmental disabilities, giving guardians limited powers based on the conservatee's abilities.


Medical Conservatorship

Solely focusing on medical decisions when the individual can't provide informed consent.


Mental Health Conservatorship

For individuals with specific mental disorders, often more restrictive and short-term.


Probate Conservatorship

Appointed through the probate court for adults, generally when they can't care for themselves or manage finances.


Temporary Conservatorship

Short-term protection while a general or limited conservatorship is pending.

Our Approach to Legal Conservatorships

Every conservatorship case is unique, with its own set of challenges, requiring personalized guidance and support. Whether for elderly parents or setting up a complex mental health conservatorship, Ross Jacinto is here to guide you with expertise, compassion, and viable solutions to achieve the best outcomes for you and those you're trying to protect.


Why Choose the Law Offices of R. Ross Jacinto?

Experienced Team :


With decades of combined experience, 
our lawyers are equipped to handle even the most complex cases.

Client-Centric Approach :


Your needs are our top priority. We're with you at every step, from the initial consultation to the final agreement.

Transparent Pricing :


We believe in fair, upfront pricing, so our clients are never caught off-guard.

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