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As a certified Family Law Specialist who was recently named one of the Top Pasadena Family Law Attorneys by Pasadena Weekly, divorce attorney R. Ross Jacinto understands the twists and turns that can make even the most joyful marriage turn sour.

That is why Mr. Jacinto works so hard to create the most clear cut and secure prenuptial agreements possible. Even if you hope that you will never need it, a solid prenuptial agreement can provide both partners with security and peace of mind, allowing you to invest more fully in your newly budding relationship.

A Visit With a Pasadena Prenuptial Agreement Attorney Can Benefit Every Marriage.

Many people consider prenuptial agreements to be the providence of the rich and the famous, but almost any marriage can benefit from a well defined understanding of personal possessions and shared assets.

Why do so many couples choose to invest in a prenuptial agreement?


  • Issues of Inheritance: While it might not be pleasant to discuss, it is important to understand how your separate assets will be allocated after your death. This is especially important if you have children from other partners, as it will provide a clear understanding of your wishes.
  • Peace of Mind: Prenuptial agreements help to foster an understanding of what is expected in the marriage, and it can solidify the vows you plan to make. These documents allow you to have an honest conversation of your expectations and know your partner is in agreement.
  • Secure a Family Legacy: If you are the owner of a family business, an heir, or head of a large estate, it is important to make clear that those are heirlooms that, while you might be happy to share with your spouse, ultimately belong with your family. A prenuptial agreement can ensure you continue your family’s legacy no matter what.


Despite all the good that comes from a prenuptial agreement, they can be deeply uncomfortable to discuss. If you are ready to protect your marriage and your future, then do not hesitate to work with a Pasadena Prenuptial Agreement Attorney before saying “I do.” By turning to a Pasadena family law firm with hundreds of hours of experience mediating and advising couples on their prenuptial agreements, you can feel secure in knowing your conversations will be as amicable and mutually beneficial as possible.

Why R. Ross Jacinto is the Pasadena Prenuptial Agreement Attorney Families Turn To:

California native R. Ross Jacinto understand the ins and outs of the California legal system. With over 22 years of practice, Mr. Jacinto has handled hundreds of cases ranging from personal injury to labor and employment law. But he is most distinguished as an expert in family law, having been certified as a Family Law Specialist by the State Bar of California Board of Legal Specialization in 2013, and being recently named a “Top Family Law Attorney” by Pasadena Weekly.

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