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Family Law

We understand that difficult situations require immediate attention and we are here to help you. Our Law office is a boutique law firm where we specialize in providing quality service to our clients. While, we are small enough to provide personal attention and communication, we are also effective negotiators and seasoned trial lawyers. We have more than two decades of experience in resolving cases. We are ready to serve you. 


If your partner is planning on serving you with papers sometime in the near future, you need to enlist the help of an experienced divorce attorney. At the Law Offices Of R. Ross Jacinto, Inc. we handle divorce cases quickly, efficiently, and with compassion, understanding that the more quickly both parties are able to come to a resolution on the important issues, the more amicable the process will be. Unfortunately, many divorce proceedings drag out and can take years to conclude because one or both parties are unwilling to compromise. In the meantime, animosities grow, and a difficult situation becomes a bitter, emotionally-charged one that affects the entire family.


This is particularly difficult if the welfare of a minor child is involved, and both parties are seeking a fair and equitable custody arrangement. In the end, we're always there to fight for not only you, but for what is in the best interests of your family as a whole, helping to mediate disputes and restore a sense of peace and stability to your family life. The sooner everyone involved is able to move on, the easier it is for the emotional wounds left behind to begin to heal.


When it's time to take a drastic step toward a more pleasant future, call a knowledgeable and experienced divorce attorney that knows how to handle your case without the hassle or engaging in the games and manipulations that undermine many divorce proceedings. At the Law Offices Of R. Ross Jacinto, Inc. we work to help you not only through the divorce process, but to settle matters regarding child custody, alimony, child support, visitation, and division of marital property. Most importantly, we help you keep your emotional state, your financial state, and your dignity intact.


Call today for a FREE initial consultation at (626) 304-1001 and let us help you move

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