Pasadena, CA Child Custody Attorney

Hiring the right Pasadena child custody attorney may be one of the most important decisions you ever make. Of all the considerations that are part of a divorce, the most contentious and painful is almost always child custody. Even the most level headed parents can be swept up by their emotions when the welfare of their child is involved.
Unfortunately, the person who often suffers the most from this contention is the child. That is why R. Ross Jacinto, a Pasadena Child Custody Attorney, does his best to determine what’s in the best interests of not just you, but your family as a whole.

Our boutique family law firm works tirelessly to communicate with our clients and create a sense of stability during this painful time. As a leading Pasadena child custody attorney, Mr. Jacinto will pursue a timely conclusion to your case. We are ready to fight for your interests in the courtroom or through mediation.

Understanding Only a Committed Pasadena Child Custody Attorney Can Provide

When it comes to determining who will have custody of your child, there are a number of factors that a judge will consider. A Pasadena child custody attorney can help you navigate this complicated system and find the custody plan that is best for your family’s needs.

Custody proceedings are hard on everyone. You want to make sure you have someone to help clarify what you want and advocate for your interests. You deserve at attorney with trial experience, negotiation skills, and compassion.

A Pasadena Child Custody Attorney Who Cares

Since 2013, Mr. Jacinto has been certified as a Family Law Specialist by the State Bar of California Board of Legal Specialization. But his interest in protecting the welfare of children and easing the difficulty of custody cases stretched back to the beginning of his career.

Mr. Jacinto has a long history of working in contentious cases involving minors and custody. From 1995 to 2007, he served as a panel attorney in the Ed Edelman Children’s Court, working to support hundreds of children and families who could not afford legal representation.

Additionally, he has been certified to serve as a Minor’s Counsel in the Los Angeles Superior court. In this capacity he worked on complicated domestic cases, representing the children’s interests. Before you wage a custody battle, take the time to find a child custody attorney to fight on your behalf.

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